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Chironton Trading CO. is most reputed Export oriented company in Bangladesh. this company have Alibaba.com Gold Membership more then 7 years. you can visit Alibaba minisite by clicking here. Chironton Trading CO. export all natural product like SAFFLOWER SEED CAKE, Turmeric powder, Sesame seed cake, Dried Taro Stem, Green coconut, CORN, RAW JUTE and more product and all are vary quality product. To check  all product you can visit our both shop alibaba.com shop and This websites shop

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As now we are making oil new crop seed it have good flavor and nice aroma and most important we make 100% pure oil. We deal everything with honesty .We make a reasonable profit margin to make our importer profitable deal. We make develop our local farmers as we direct connect to them. We are factory in village are and make profitable to them who work hard to make crop and earn their living on that. We can show you a trip on our project what we run here. We are a organization to insure your business for make helpful to them who create the crops. Thanks a lot to read . We also attracted oil report on picture you can see. We can send DHL oil sample for approval.

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